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Welcome to are Coolstation wiki, Brud!

Coolstation is a Space Station 13 server, forked from Goonstation in late 2021, dedicated in memory of Delari

The goals are a simpler, "classic" approach to gameplay but retaining an immediate familiarity with Goonstation interface and aesthetics.

we will never remove farting, this is a promise, and threat

The Seven Simpel Rules of Our Community

  1. Coolstation is zero-tolerance on bigotry
  2. Coolstation is zero-tolerance on harassment
  3. Coolstation is zero-tolerance on fascist speech
  4. Coolstation is for good clean fun with pals and comrades
  5. Coolstation is for good unclean fun with pals and comrades
  6. Coolstation is NOT for erogenous porno pleasures!
  7. Coolstation is NOT for children!

What's Different Here

Flexx Hard Bangobot, head sturgeon

Still in no way a shitpost, we've been making slow but real progress despite a major setback.

Some primary changes (will) include:
Alternate Timeline Removal of stamina TWO Z-level Station (and its on a planet)
Fabuluos Mysterys Return of RNG in combat Cross-Z Pipes, Wires, Disposals
Adjusted jobs Lots of Juice Big Ferrets
Debt and Credit Item scarcity QM/Trading Overhaul
Personal Continuity Weird Gun's Things on the ceiling
Old player sprites (but not too old) Bringing back an old friend??? A completely different flavor of Syndicatethan your used to
A Big Italian Shoe Food Safety Protocols cant think of one
cant think of one cant think of one your allowed to say "penis"

Getting Started

The following toolbar? linkbar? is a buncha standard links to things you should probably know about

Rules Tutorial FAQ Jobs Lore Silly Shit GitHub Forum Main Site Cohost


Server Server Name Byond Server URL Easy Connect URL Note
DEV Fusilli byond:// 24/7 Dev Server Running for Testing and Bug Reporting
PROD1 ???? ?????????? ????????????????????? We'll have one when we launch for real in 2053
PROD2 ????????? ????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? We probably won't have the population to justify it (which is also fine by us)

Our GitHub is also public and Open Sores

Check it out:

You are more than free to peruse and submit PRs! Or even just report bugs.

Just follow the Goonstation developer setup guide but substitute Cool for Goon where appropriate.

We'll also have some basic Codering Guides!

More Info

eventually this will be tidied up into a nicew little thing but the jokes above, well, like, we need to make sure all the groundwork is laid first.

no sense making entries for stuff we're either going to remove or has not been finalized

we are not ready 4 primed time but please join the forum and the discord and help us build something beautiful

thank god visual editor works again (this time it's for real, thank you Miraheze)


Check out these pages to get an idea of what needs workin' on.