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While acting on cross round events in terms of meta-grudging and retaliation is, of course, INCREDIBLY FROWNED UPON, building a rapport and reputation for good or for ill is absolutely going to be a part of playing any given job.

If you're a big unqualified dummy that Nanotrasen put you in place because you failed upward, your coworkers in your department are probably not going to treat you super good. If you're friendly, help out a lot, have a lot of good information, people may even respect you and follow your directions!

These are all subject to change since this is the planning stage. More jobs may be added, some will be removed.

Big Dang List of Jobs[edit | edit source]

Head Staff
Job Department Responsibilities
Captain Command in charge of everything, nominally. in reality he's just head bee guy
Head of Personnel Command/Civilian hires/fires people, deals with wage and labor disputes, missing IDs. you are the actual boss of the chef, bartender, botanists, janitor and staff assistants. you also have control over the overall station budget distribution, so you're in prime embezzlement territory.
Head of Security Command/Security hey what if Shitty Bill WASN'T fired? that's you. regular sec but with a fancy hat and some extra access, but zero respect, perhaps even among your fellow officers
Medical Director Command/Medical try to maintain some kind of order and cleanliness and standards in the medbay, fail miserably. you're also responsible for ordering new supplies when some doofus drinks all the styptic powder
Research Director Command/Research you handle procurement and budget for the department and try to set some sort of goals. chances are, your fellow scientists are just going to do whatever they want.
Chief Engineer Command/Engineering hopefully you know what the hell you're doing, and that you have a handle on your staff. if the engine fucks up or there's damage to be repaired, ultimately you're responsible! responsible to whom? i dunno, NT Brass might send a stern email and add yet another write up to your pages long file. What's another fine when you're already a few million in the red?
Quartermaster Engineering/Logistics makes sure departments have what they need, departments are sending excess to cargo bay, and the station is getting good external cashflow
Science Staff
Job Department Responsibilities
Scientist Research make useful or harmful chemicals, study artifacts, build bombs for whatever reason because that's still a thing, occasionally receive and work on Secret Projects! Those could probably net you some hefty bonuses versus your incredible debt.
Chemist Research you either exist or you don't, the jury's still out. And if you do, the only difference between you and the rest of the science team is that your labcoats are a little more splash resistant and you've got some extra glassware in your bag.
Telescience Away Team Research you go out into the great unknown with some heavy duty gear and likely do not make it back
Medical Staff
Job Department Responsibilities
Medical Doctor Medical you help people get well! or maybe you leave a sponge in them because you had too much to keep track of when removing a bike horn from their chest cavity. either way, you prescribe and administer medicines, surgery if you're the only doctor,
Nurse Medical Medical assistant, basically. Good for learning. Do support jobs during surgery, bring medicine, treat minor or standard injuries.
Surgeon Medical maybe you are dedicated to this task because a lot of people come in needing surgery. maybe you are in a team and you're doing like, anesthetic. either way. RP flavor job.
Roboticist Medical/Research You take a brain and put it in a robot body. You also create small drones. In emergencies, you may be called for to help with surgeries, but this is a prime opportunity to get brains. you can check if someone's enthusiastically opted in to borging in medical records, just like their do not resuscitate and organ donor status. however, all NT staff have potential cyborgification written into their contracts, and their big dumb robot bodies should not complain lest they be fined for corporate defamation.
Geneticist Medical/Research you bastards better not sit at a computer playing mastermind all day. we're putting in a doorbell that people can ring for emergencies or just when they wanna annoy you. you also clone people, but this takes a lot of resources and time. It's primarily reserved for important people who die in the service of the station, not some bozo who choked on a banana in the bar. the best way to live? not die. but yeah, you do have a system for genetic research and modification using Patented And Copyrighted Nanotrasen Genes. the biggest tools you have are in appearance, as they're mostly free and/or unlicensed modifications. what are they gonna do, send the patent cops after you?
Virologist? Microbiologist? Medical/Research research and cure or create disease. ehg.
Engineering/Logistics Staff
Job Department Responsibilities
Engineer Engineering you make the engine go, or not. also it's still your job to patch up the station when it inevitably blows up or decompresses or gets gooped up by alien bug plants or something
Mechanic Engineering you repair big stationary machinery like doors and whatnot
Electrician Engineering you maintain station wiring and power distribution and create devices. if one of you knows how to code, congrats: you've been promoted to DWAINE duty. there will not be a wage increase
Plumber Engineering you maintain disposal and mail tubes
Miner/Salvager Engineering/Logistics you actually gotta leave the ship and brave some kinda danger to bring back valuable minerals, materials, devices, and eldritch artifacts. To make it fair, you DO get a gun, a space suit, and a decent radio. you may even have the MULE's smaller, jet-powered cousin, the PIG, to ferry ore back to the station.
Cargo Technician Engineering/Logistics you basically serve as the point of contact for supplies. You have some rare tools and supplies that can be checked out and signed back in, even though you absolutely know you're never, ever getting anything back. You have a lot of vendors to order various gear from at various prices. You infect your order console with popups from Free Coupon Toolbar Buddy. if you want to embezzle or run a black market, nobody will probably stop you.
Radio Technician Engineering/Logistics Comms are a lifeline in this station. you keep it working and you troubleshoot it.
Sysadmin Logistics/Research keep that fukken DWAINEframe going and troubleshoot networking issues
Civilian Staff
Job Department Responsibilities
Chef Civilian nobody's gonna ask where you got the meat in those burgers, but they probably will kick your ass all over your shitty bar if your food's giving them food poisoning.
Bartender Civilian nobody's gonna ask what's in the drinks you're serving, but they probably won't kick your ass all over your vomit-covered bar if they catch on fire or gib. Then you hand them over to the chef for more burgers.
Botanist Civilian You are responsible for growing literally all the food you eat on the station, because ordering from vendors is expensive and a pain and you work for a cut off and dying company. At least you can grow weed and make the tomatoes explode, so that's a job perk.
Janitor Civillian mop mop mop mop mop
Staff Assistant Civilian You have no responsibilities, so that means you can get up to as much help or trouble as you feel like it. The HoP can still order you to help in a specific department, especially in a disaster, but like, they're not the boss of you, even if they are your boss.

Gimmick Jobs[edit | edit source]

These jobs are meant to be used with a non-usual character and will probably not appear in datacore (wages, records, etc) since they are not crew members. Planned persistence doesn't apply!

Job Department Description
Corporate Liason Gimmick well look who left their cave! You've been dispatched from NT HQ to keep an eye on and middle manage the poor bastards that are left on this one semi-functional station. Your job is to file reports every so often, not knowing whether they're ever going to be read or not. You start with a few tasks that you must try to accomplish or else you get fired from what is one of the cushier jobs you've been able to get- and that includes a major contract penalty. Occasionally, you may receive further directives mid-shift. Some of these seem like they're just coming out of a computer drawing orders at random, others are CLEARLY the work of some prankster... But nevertheless, orders are orders.
Barber Gimmick Is there a barber shop on station? Yeh, but that doesn't make it official. That space is leased to a once-a-week traveling barber.
Lawyer Gimmick The best Frontier lawyers are all on retainer with NT. You're just some freelance huckster. Sometimes you even win a case?
Clown Gimmick You answer to nobody. You aren't even supposed to be here, but if you weren't, it wouldn't be right. It wouldn't be the same. So you came. Honk.
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