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it's finally back

It's natural.

It's cheap.

It's robust.

And you can make it yourself.

How does it work?[edit | edit source]

Poo is a part of the spaceman's digestive cycle. As such, every wholesome bite of food you eat helps power the dynamic bioreactor that churns out these clever logs.

Food is ingested, and if it contains reagents, the digestion process begins. Chems are leached from the food bit until it is empty. When that happens, the food bit goes away, and a handy counter increments, telling our intrepid copronaut they've got one stored in the bank!

If the tactical need should arise, Are Hero Protagonist (you!) can drop trou, pop open the chat box, and *poo *shit or *crap out a log.

Important: You need to probably not wear any clothes that cover your backside. Or, you can be NOT disgusting and use a real dang toilet. Don't forget to wipe and wash your hands, you grody dumper!!!

That's gross[edit | edit source]


We'll probably have a "poo disbelief" style trait that makes it show up as mud, if that's possible.

FAQ[edit | edit source]

Q: Is Poo really back?[edit | edit source]

A: for now, it is. this is neither a threat of removal, nor warranty on it's staying power.

Q: Is this all just gratuitous gross-out humor?[edit | edit source]

A: poo had many gameplay implications before removal, and more integrations are planned. It's a free slip item, like the banana peel. It's a humiliation, like shove-farting or cluwning. It's also a mild poison, a very mediocre weapon, a potent fertiliser, and a secret surprise.

Q: What about the poo bugs? The raunchy hornsters?[edit | edit source]

A: Banned, permanently, on the spot, no warnings. No second offenses. Simply removing people who subject others to sexual paraphilia without consent is not controversial, is it?

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