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Items are handheld-able things that let you do other things. Or sometimes they have no purpose but they are fun.

Items will be a little more scarce than in stations past. One reason is because of corporate cutbacks and poor resources, since this particular Frontier is completely cut off. Another reason is fighting and tension over who gets what. A multitool used to be a rare resource that people would fight over.

Guard your department's supplies with your fists and your department's other supplies! Or also ask the quartermaster.

Engineering and Tools[edit | edit source]

This is under the engineering section, but anyone will find tools useful to do things. Especially for doing crimes!

General Tools
Item Description
Toolbox It's a box, with tools in it. For carrying around, beating people in the head, or as something to throw in the trash after you take the tools out and put them in a belt or a box.
Atmospheric Scanner A device that does what your PDA does by default, but usually it just ends up in the toolboxes in the trash. Maybe we'll limit or simplify the PDA program so these things don't fukken suck?
Wrench For tightening and loosening those nuts. One of the primary uses is anchoring large things to the floor.
Screwdriver For tightening and loosening screws. One of the primary uses is exposing maintenance panels and wiring.
Crowbar It's a pry tool, for stuck doors and other stubborn items that just won't come out easily. Also, you can hit people with it.
Welding Tool A very hot item with limited, refillable fuel. Good for repairing pipes, sealing doors, killing blobs,
Multi-Tool hey it's a deus ex reference. It's basically a little digital gizmo that does serial interface pokes and takes multimeter measurements. It'll be much rarer now, so if you can find one, covet it. Some electronic doodads require a pulse of electricity to do a thing. For example, you gotta reset a busted APC with one of these as one of the repair steps.
T-Ray Scanner When enabled, it shows things that run below floor plates. Primarily this is wires and pipes. It also... hm. Is this the one that measures available power in the cables? I can't remember! Yeah, it does that too. It looks like the ghostbuster thing

Medical[edit | edit source]

Medbay is full of devices that are great for healing a crewmember but also great for when you want to knock them out huck them onto an operating table...

General Medical
Item Description
Medkit It's a box, with medical supplies in it. For carrying around, and leaving on the floor of medbay as trash. See also: toolbox
Medical Scanner A device that does what your (doctor) PDA does by default, but usually it just ends up in the toolboxes in the trash. Maybe we'll limit or simplify the PDA program so these things don't fukken suck?
Medical Wrench For tightening and loosening those nuts
Syringe put a reagent in someone (with effort)
Hypospray star trek syringe. put a reagent in someone (with (emaggable) restrictions)
Patch maybe for burns, maybe for beatings, maybe it's a custom one with drugs
pills pills, for administering reagents via INGEST. also a chemistry thing. This is the second most likely form you'll encounter for reagents in medbay.
Defbigbibibulator heart stopped? no probalo. clear! zap zap zap. emaggable to make for a nice stun item.
Bandage A big roll of gauze that is applied quickly and easily to bleeding wounds.
Autohealer big loud stinky roll-on deodorant applicator that slurps medical chemicals onto you. takes a lot of the fun out of doctoring. who knows if it'll last here.

...and when they wake up they find they either have no limbs or kidneys or that their arms and legs were removed but then put on backwards.

Item Description
Suture More difficult to use than bandages maybe? Also used in internal surgery for closing bleeding wounds and for closing up body incisions. Does not show on your sprite like bandages do.
Scalpel Useful for surgical purposes, also makes for a not that great knife
Surgical Saw It's a thing where you can cut into body stuff in addition to the scalpel
Surgical Scissors Part three of surgical implements
Hemostat Part four: for clamping bleeding while performing surgery. Less permanent than suturing.
Enucleation Spoon lets you pull out a big scoop of eye scream
Staple Gun For securely reattaching limbs and other items.

Some other category[edit | edit source]

Item Description
piss ass

Clown[edit | edit source]

Funny Tools
Item Description
Bike Horn The perfect punctuation for whatever comedy you attempt, even if you fail.
Banana Physical comedy still has great appeal. The fundamental unit of comedy in Space Station 13 is the slip, after all.
Cream Pie splat in u face
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