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gun's smithing immersive game play

Coolstation is refactoring Gun's.


GUN'S SSYSTEN[edit | edit source]

  1. In TYOOL 20XX company name of NANOTRASEN invents a GUN'S you can swap bits of on the fly to make cheap good of equipment for LOSER SECURITY'S
  2. in TYOOL 20XY company name of NANOTRASEN subcontracts ITALIANO COMPAGNIA to manufacture pistolet of "alta qualita" ((SPOLER BIG MISTAKE BUDDY))
  3. in TYOOL 20YZ company name of [REDACTION] screwed us all! Now all you're gun's and ennemies are also interchangeable!

That means if you see someone with a gun you like? you can straight up kill that guy and take his gun and it's yours now. You can take the parts and make a better one. Wait. Parts?


Actually that was a stupid idea we're cancelled.

How does it work?[edit | edit source]

Example design of an open-source syndie laser rifle reciever
Example design of an open-source syndie laser rifle reciever

Take gun, bash it apart, put it back together, bash it into place. Easy as.

Press C to cycle your ammo, rack the slide, pull the bolt, whatever- almost all interaction with the gun is mashing C furiously, and clicking elsewhere. It's frantic, it's messy, it's gun's systen.

Instead of hundreds of bespoke guns to suit every purpose (and with most being inappropriate or problematic in the hands of others), Coolstation is taking a fully modular approach. Each "gun" is more akin to a reciever. Certain recievers are single action, some are double, some have internal ammunition stores (think like, a revolver), some have nothing but a chamber and breech hold. What really sets them apart is their DRM. In order to maintain *some* structure, each of 5 main gun-manufacturing factions is identified on their guns.

These modular guns have slots for 4 (well, 5) different attachments, namely a Barrel and a Stock (which almost every gun has), as well as optional Magazines (finnicky!) and an accessory slot for various tactical and tacticool things.

These parts each also have a DRM, to help players attach them to guns that will benefit from them more appropriately, but rumor has it some shady individuals out on the frontier can bypass such things. Or, if you're feeling cowboy, try microwaving the parts. Good luck!

  • Largely barrels and stocks affect shot spread, with the former more critical here.
  • Barrels also determine things like muzzle flash, silencing, and for optical weapons, a boost to damage from your lensing focus.
  • Stocks affect your gun's two-handedness, dual-wieldability, sway, and in some cases provides extra capacity.
  • Rare open-source syndicate stocks provide a mechanism for a super-soaker like laser gun experience. Check out the vid at the bottom!!!
  • Mags provide huge capacity at the expense of increased jamming frequency - and sometimes may put an interesting spin on your ammunition.
  • Accessories are for clowns and idiots.

Players can detach each of these parts from guns they find in the wild, or dropped from enemies, or sometimes sold in vending machines. Then, by using our handy GUNSMITHING ANVIL, those parts can be reassembled into a new gun, with new properties, new behaviors, new stats, but the same familiar Cock, Click, Caput action that comes naturally and intuitively. New players are free to plop around with their stock pistol with simple action, or, when they're ready, smack that gun to pieces and try something new at their own pace.

No more "choose one of these eight guns from a security loadout list". No more "you can't fit a shotgun shell in a .38". No more "press C to enter burst fire but also press C to enter taser but also press C to enter laser" mode. And most importantly, no more swapping out your 5 FMJs because you want to load the 1 remaining AP round you have in your bag.

Ammunition is stored in a pop stack list- the last bullet you load is the first one coming out, and it remembers the order. Load your gun with 5 lasers and one stun to make quick work emptying your mag into the captain. Or load one shot and 5 duds to trick someone into the worst game of roulette ever!

The best part of it all is that Coolstation Gun's Systen is cross-round compatible. The rare part you spent all round trying to get from an Italian barber? if you make it to centcom you get to keep it.

You'll spawn with your own, hand made gun. Or, maybe the guy who stole it from you will spawn with your own, hand made gun. But you know what? You can kill that guy. You can kill that guy 100 percent.


Okay but how do I build a GOOD gun?[edit | edit source]

Glad you asked.

Each part has it's own stats listed in tooltips. If your browser does not support hover-over tooltips, you're going to have difficulty.

Generally, the properties on each part are additive. You want to pick parts with the lowest Jamming and Spread vars you can manage, within reason.

Some of these parts will result in unwieldy sprites that are easy to click on (and pick up!) if you get pushed down. That's bad.

Some of these parts will result in a forcibly 2-handed experience, which can also suck.

Some combinations will just work so poorly, you may as well use the gun as a cudgel.

Avoid mixing parts from Optical guns (FOSS and Soviet) with Kinetic guns (Most of the rest) as performance may suffer.

But really, build whatever you like, experiment with different types of ammo, go wild!

Pro Tips:[edit | edit source]

  • playing security? you'll be using stun ammo mostly, which doesn't benefit from long barrels as much as pistol rounds do. Spend your energy elsewhere!
  • traitor? you'll probably want as much ammo capacity as possible, get yourself a juicer mag, even if it means clearing jams every other shot. clearing jams takes less effort than reloading!
  • Fosslord? you've got two types of stock available, tiered-shot stocks that let you charge up stronger and stronger lasers at the cost of firing rate, or automatic stocks that are locked to low-level shots, but provide incredibly effective cover fire. Experiment in the GNU/Battleship before leaving, and dont forget your bulbs!!

List of parts[edit | edit source]

  • TODO but we have a bunch right now

Supplemental Knowledge[edit | edit source]

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