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The (FOSS) Syndicate[edit | edit source]

Free and Open Source Software Fanatics, this is a rowdy bunch of computer nerds that got fed up with Nanotrasen's patent and copyright hoarding.

With the collapse of the Channel, they realized it was a great time to splinter off and start enforcing their vision of software licensing.

Their tone is insufferable and their style is absolutely that of a mall ninja. Still, take them seriously or you'll probably just die.

So now they sabotage and steal from NT stations on a regular basis. If they can get their hands on a suitable device, they'll just attempt to blow up those stations entirely.

Standard Flavor Treason[edit | edit source]

So you're going to work and surprise! You've been brain jacked, or whatever, and now you're gonna do some crimes. Or maybe you got bribed real good. Who knows?

This means you've got some objectives! Stealing some stuff, killing some chumps, and even your condition at the end- merely alive, hijacking the escape shuttle all by yourself, or simply going out in a blaze of glory.

Nuclear Emergency[edit | edit source]

The Syndicate have this big bomb, and what they gotta do is deliver it to a specific weak spot on the station and defend it from the crew attempting to destroy it, until it blows up and takes the whole station out. Easy peasy.

There's rumors that they might steal some of Nanotrasen's ordinance, but it seems unlikely they'll crack the DRM there. Wonder how they'll handle that?

GNU/Battleship[edit | edit source]

The main ship used by the FOSSyndies for nuclear operations. Contains lots of gear, a practice firing range, and a full OpenDWAINE 6 setup.

This is where The Bomb starts out, along with the crack team of nerdos charged with delivering and detonating it.

Syndicate Listening Outpost[edit | edit source]

Just an inconspicuous spot nearby tracking radio weather or whatever. Don't worry about it.

It's definitely not the entry point for the GNU/Battleship's entangled teleport pad or a nice spot for more standard traitors to buy some extra gear.

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