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rough outline of some things to keep in mind when you log your self on line to us

The Seven Simple Rules[edit | edit source]

There's some conduct and gameplay specifics but these make a statement about bein' a cool people and neat friendo:

  1. Coolstation is zero-tolerance on bigotry
  2. Coolstation is zero-tolerance on harassment
  3. Coolstation is zero-tolerance on fascist speech
  4. Coolstation is for good clean fun with pals and comrades
  5. Coolstation is for good unclean fun with pals and comrades
  6. Coolstation is NOT for erogenous porno pleasures!
  7. Coolstation is NOT for children!

Game Rules[edit | edit source]

The following rules are pared down from Goonstation and will be adapted/built up/reordered:

  1. Bigotry is absolutely unacceptable.You will absolutely get gibbed and goned if you pull any sort of racism, sexism, queerphobia, or any other assorted bigotry. This includes 'ironic' shit: it is indistinguishable from the real deal half the time, and in many cases isn't actually ironic at all. We're not interested in reforming any of that behavior, either. There is simply no place for it here, and it is a low bar to clear. This also includes "fantasy racism" (this is old as balls and uninteresting at best, and racial slurs with a letter changed at worst) and "roleplaying a racist" (fuck off)
  2. This is an 18+ server!!Jokes and graffitos and possibly even some standard game content will be for adults only. This is an immature server with mature content, so be of legal age or begone.
  3. Don't use Coolstation for horny sex time.The above 18+ rule is also not to be interpreted as allowing or encouraging ERP. This is not the time or place for it and it does not fit in with the server's whole deal.
  4. Don't grief excessively.We are still balancing this out, but generally being a jerkass is part of the game itself. As a non-antagonist, sometimes you just wanna mess with someone and be a jerk. This is fine, and you will probably (and deservedly) get your ass kicked for it. However, when this escalates to bombings, death, persistent ID theft, and impacting the rest of the station, it's not great at all. Please keep it to lighthearted or modest shenanigans and away cruelty and malice, except when you're an antagonist or playing your cop alt.
  5. Listen to the admins.As mods we may be bastards too but we're genuinely trying to keep things fun and safe for everyone. If we're saying something in a serious tone, it's because there's some real talk that needs to come through. This could either be as something to keep in mind, or something to keep you from making a big mistake. In those serious cases, it's not an invitation to debate, especially in a heated moment. However!
  6. No metagaming.Space Station 13 in general is a game about information asymmetry, intrigue, and secrets. Communicating and coordinating with other players outside of the game is forbidden. There are plenty of in game ways to communicate with others. If you are unable to use them, like if you are unconscious from a sneak attacking Dracula, too bad! That is just the nature of the game. Discussing information about the current round is also generally forbidden. The exception to talking about current round events is something as vague as "yo brud something really fucking funny is happening on Coolstation and you should probably connect and see it."
  7. Do not name your character after shitty people.This is less about politics as it is about glorification of garbage. And if you think you're going to be clever and go from using an obvious shitguy's name to using an obscure shitguy's name, it's not gonna work out the way you think it will, bud.
  8. No yiffing in game.Yeah sure we'll have animal head people, but unlike many other servers that have them, they are not for horny. (This is just rule #3 but with an emphasis on and excuse to say yiffing.)
  9. Do not modify your BYOND client (Dreamseeker) in any way, shape or form.That's a great way to cheating and's that no good. Even if your modification is benign, this is also one of those zero-tolerance, level playing field kinda deals. We can't be sure of anything but the real genuine client and we cannot and will not make exceptions.
  10. Don't act on grudges from round to round.The concept that we're developing is about persistent relationships and remembering good times and bad times. That doesn't mean you can just haul off and kill a player because they did it to you last round. Prank 'em, get your revenge on as an antagonist later, whatever. The rounds are still generally self-contained.
  11. Don't use multiple accounts.You can use another identity/character slot if you wanna be a dingus, sure, but your account must be your own and it must be the only account you play with. If you die in a round, that's it. You cannot log onto another account and play again. That's not how this works.
  12. No spoilers.There's going to be a lot of things to learn and discover about the world. Don't go blabbing it all around. You're free to share with people who are interested and consenting to hear about it, though!
  13. Do not impersonate admins.Don't act like a nerd unless you're explicitly invited to be a nerd. And backseat modding is some of the nerdiest stuff of all.
  14. End of Round GriefThis is okay to do once the shuttle lands and you get a notice that the round is over. By then, the major checkpointing, statistics, and round calculations are done so you can figure out who was good at criming or not.
  15. This is not an exhaustive listMaybe we'll just have to tell you to knock off doing a thing, like running a mechanic or gimmick into the ground. And there are also circumstances where we recognize someone never technically breaks any rules, but comes close to it while making Bad Times for others. If you keep stepping on that line, it won't work out super great for you.

Keep in Mind[edit | edit source]

The following considerations are pared down from Goonstation and will be adapted/built up/reordered:

  1. Warnings aren't necessarily requiredIf you do something fucked up enough and people notice or report it, whatever happens to you is gonna happen.
  2. Different admins have different stylesSome are pretty straightforward. Others are real weirdos. While we're aligned on the rules and expectations, some people may have more patience than others. This applies to round gimmicks as well- one admin might craft an interesting little adventure for everyone. Another admin might just send all you clowns to elmo hell.
  3. There is a difference between grief and jerkeryIt's one thing to grab a person and give them swirlies in the bathroom when neither of you are acting under an enemy role. It's another for you to dump acid all over someone's face and set them on fire and cut off their limbs and staple them on backwards when neither of you are acting under an enemy role.
  4. If you are a 'special role' like a Captain, a department head, an antagonist, or an AI, and you have to log out, please let us know via adminhelp before you leaveThis is mostly a courtesy for finding another person to take over the role since they do have important impacts on any given round. Please, do it out of consideration for your fellow crew.
  5. Mindslaves, thralls You get a big popup with big red text for a reason. There is no possible way in code or mechanics to force you to follow your controlling bad guy, so it has to be enforced with threat of punishment (gibs, bans.) This is not optional, you must do what you are told in these situations. You may not be any good at what you are being told to do, but you must still try, earnestly. This player spent good effort and resources on their henchperson (you!) and the whole thing breaks down otherwise. If what you are being told is some creepy shit or someone's trying to get sex weird at you, that is a different story and you should adminhelp it.
  6. The "you need to fuck off y esterday" UltimatumYou may know this under another name. There are some people that are just too heinous and slippery to ever bother to unban. The kind of people that have been unbanned, with several intervening years, claiming that they're good now. And then they disappoint almost immediately but still "technically" aren't doing anything to warrant getting banned again. No, this is a nuclear option for that. For rare cases, but cases that are too toxic to give another chance.
  7. When to use adminhelp vs. when to use mentorhelp vs. when to let it goim feeling sleepy i'm going to finish the rest of the rule expansions and clarifications later ok bye
  8. Addendum to the above regarding prayerdon't beg for stuff over and over, especially if you're unfamiliar
  9. Although very few topics are expressly forbidden,,,,,,i don't even know what this meant
  10. Borgs and the AI????i also can't remember what this meant
  11. Recording and streaming are both a-okay!just don't expect much in the way of like, catering to or removal of copyreight sound fx. the sax is gonna play baker street and theres notthing you can do about it
  12. If you DO get banned, u can appealright there on the forums, just sign up and post an appeal
  13. If you feel that an admin has acted inappropriatelypost it on the forum i think?
  14. If you're not sure about any of the terms used hereask an admin we're happy to clarify and if we need to clarify things a lot then i guess we'll just have to update these fuckin' things won't we?
  15. Space Racism is still Racism"hahahaha i am being shitty to a lizard person because they are a lizard person and not human" get lost dweeb

Discord Rules[edit | edit source]

The following rules are pared down from Goonstation and will be adapted/built up/reordered:

  1. This is also an 18+ server!!!like even more than the game it's frank discussions that are not suitable for child's and this is not the community for you. come back when you're older
  2. No IC in OOCthis means don't talk about the events of the round in places that aren't that round (especially when circumventing restrictions on communication) thisi s a game about secrecy and information asymmetry and if you bust that we'll bust u
  3. No horny pornseven in hell channel??? yeah absolutely it's not that kind of server. do that literally anywhere else
  4. Be welcoming and respectful of othersunless they have some fash shit on their profile then you're free to absolutely wreck 'em up
  5. Be respectful to the adminsas in don't get gibbed because your shitty bandera gimmick isn't well received and then yell and carry on about how you were exploded for no reason and admins are terrible and etc. go post on reddit about it why don't u
  6. Be respectful of the Discord serveras in don't make everyone's time in there shitty
  7. Tread carefully with joking and devil's advocate stuffIt's a common way of pushing horrible things with the pretense of humor or just asking questions and the devil has enough advocates as it is thank you
  8. Obey Secret Content ruleswhich is basically: let people be surprised and discover their own fun and cool things. it's about spoilers, not gatekeeping
  9. Do not PM an admin regarding ban appealsthose go on the forum please
  10. Respect Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelinesit's hard with the world as it is today but please do not do a crimes that will get discord to shut down the server
  11. please do not try to fuck our markov bot, figuratively or literallythis means either "do not overload our bot with prompt after prompt to make him say funny markov things and spam the channel" or "do not take flexx aside in dms and try to yiff"

basicalley,[edit | edit source]

be cool

respect ur fellow spacepeople

respect the game

do not fuck our chat bot

no fascists at this party

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