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Is this just the name of the colony? Is this the name of the planet? Find out soon as this page gets edited by people who know better

The Planet[edit | edit source]

Gehenna Surface Map

Sandy desert surrounded by sheer rockfaces.

Completely inhospitable, you won't last long on the surface.

You get only a few hours of good air outside. Days are scorching hot, nights are freezing cold, and the CO2 will choke you out. Not to mention the frequent radiation blowouts and sandstorms.

So where do you go? Down, of course.

The Colony[edit | edit source]

Gehenna Tunnel Map

Gehenna Colony is the sprawling camp built at the site of a strange disaster. They were able to make contact with other humans in the Frontier, and it just so happens to be their employers.

It's got buildings on the surface, but the safest part is deep underground. You can take elevators and ladders between the surfaces.

Life here is more or less like any other space station: the outside is hostile, and the inside is beset by the usual threats: nuclear operatives, wizards, traitors, and so on.

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