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Quick Reference

"Which fucking output do I use and for what????"

If you're like me, and I know I am, I can never remember this shit off the top of my head.

There's also the issue of how it's all well and good to see what command has an effect, but not the opposite: what effect has a command.

So here's some outputs!

Command Aliases What It's For Primary Params Optional Params How It Works Additional Handling
boutput out, bo Basic output to client text log, the b stands for browser. target (client or derived client),

message (text)

group Finds the client of target (whether it's a client, mob, or mind) and sends the text of the message. If target is a list, iterate through all members of the list and boutput them all individually. If target is world, send message to all connected clients. If message is text, it's stripped of macros; if message is not, it's rejected. If there are multiple messages within the same timeframe, they're wrapped up and sent as a bundle (uses group).
visible_message visible message (as opposed to audible) If from a user, the first message is what everyone in visibility range sees. If a second message is specified, the user sees that message and *everyone else* sees the first message. The third option, which should be used more, is what someone who can't see but is in visibility range gets as a message (hears)
audible_message This is a text message that is 'heard' rather than seen (like, for example, a fart)

Hey what the fuck are all these things anyway

Thing What is the thing
ATOM /atom/ Areas, Turfs, Objects, Mobs: a combined concept. Ultimate parent of all things you see in game.
Moveable Atom /atom/movable/ Parent of objects and mobs, something that can just kinda boogie around. Good for dealing with both types at once.
Datum /datum/ NOT an atom, but rhymes with it. ATOMs are in world, Datums are not- they are for things like keeping track of information. Round scores, lists of items to fill a supply crate with, etc.
Area /area/ Denotes a collective of tiles for organization, triggers, power handling, etc. Not seen by player (but can have overlays!)
Turf /turf/ A wall or a floor or space or anything that makes up a solid environment.
Object /obj/ An interactive thing in the world that is not a turf- doors, windows, machinery...
Mob /mob/ A moveable object! That's what mob stands for. Clients (as in players) can be attached to them.
Living Mob /mob/living/ All what things that are alive and in game.
Dead Mob /mob/dead/ Basically new players (who haven't spawned) and dead players (observers)
Mobcritters /mob/living/critter/ Weird beasts and other animals that move around and do actions and have limited AI- these are mobs.
Critters /obj/critter/ Weird beasts and other animals that move around and do actions and have limited AI- these are *objects*
Items /obj/item/ handheld objects- things you can pick up
Machinery /obj/machinery/ stationary objects that do something using a process() proc called once about every second (or 10 ticks)
Submachine /obj/submachine/ stationary objects that do something only when interacted with
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