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Game Modes are different rulesets and premises for telling you'se all how to act.

Space Station 13 is more of a setting and a platform than a game in and of itself. Coolstation provides the world, but the players are responsible for giving it motion.

This is a list of the various game modes available on Coolstation's SS13.

Some of them aren't really worth playing so we just don't. EZ.

Traitor[edit | edit source]

The classic, an old standby, "the trairor".

In this game, one or more of the crew members is secretly a Syndicate fosslord traitor. Those players are given a list of (fully optional) objectives to complete, a code to access some equipment, and carte-blanche to do absolutely anything to absolutely anyone in furtherance of their goals. The crew should probably get up and do something about that though.

Nuclear Emergency[edit | edit source]


In this mode, an elite hand-picked team of Syndies with fucked up Open-Source LaserGNUs are coming to relicense your intellectual property (blow you up to smithereen's with a nuklear war bomb).

The team is given nearly unlimited prep-time & a plethora of weaponry, making their inevitable failure that much more embarrassing. Will they go loud at 5 minutes? stealth their way into the crusher and lose the bomb? die in space before even boarding? I can't wait to find out- but if the worst case samaritan comes a long and arms that bomb, you've only got TEN FUCKING MINUTES to "defuse" it (hit it with some heavy objects).

Some others[edit | edit source]

I dont care about the other one's their for losers

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