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clown taste pipis
You better like the taste of fresh

Clowns are a playable species on Coolstation: The Game.

Any player may choose to spec into "CLOWN", however this role is best left to benthically experienced clergymen.

At the beginning of any "normal-mode" round, the saddest eligible player is selected from all players currently experiencing personal distress. That player will be dressed in fine silk of unknown visible colour, clad in non-non-slip work boots, and sent off to the facility for comedic incidence. Clowns are neither pitiable nor pitiful. Players encountering a natural clown cannot be held responsible for the results.

Difficulty rating:

GAMEPLAY[edit | edit source]

As a "CLOWN" your responsibilities are multifold:

An experienced clown will complete exactly zero of these tasks on average, however, things happen.

Your primary responsibility is to yourself: as long as you're not having fun, chances are nobody else is either.

CLOWN MOODBOARD[edit | edit source]

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