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YOUR OBLIGATIONS[edit | edit source]

Start Your Engines[edit | edit source]

  1. put gas in
  2. burn it
  3. hot power
  4. smes
  5. all good
  6. sell excess power 4 bux

Fix those HOALS you JERK[edit | edit source]

  1. someone set up you the bomb
  2. quickly repair floor tiles
  3. quickly repair walls
  4. fuck with windows until they finally sort of look right
  5. repair other things like mail pipes? or maybe that's mechanics
  6. repair wires? or maybe that's electricians

HVAC[edit | edit source]

  1. repressurize rooms so long as you fixed that shit, buddy
  2. maybe there's a repressurization infrastructure or maybe you just drag a big can of air or farts in like a chump
  3. temperature must be good! too cold and it sucks. too hot and it sucks. make that shit comfy

But im the chief[edit | edit source]

GREAT you're basically responsible for the same thing but also making sure everyone is on task and delegarted. set priorities. filter the noise. be a fukken leader to make sure the lights are on, the wires are good, the walls are not busted open and space sucking out all air. in case of structural damage, try to coordinate with security and medical for rescue. hell even science might be able to help out. with chemicals. and teleports.

you get a seat in the bridge, and you get a private office. also revolutionaries will want to murder you because you're a boss in charge of things

but im crime[edit | edit source]

cool, start some fires, make that engine roar, hotwire shit, bust open walls. what you make you can unmake. also peoiple aren't gonna care if you're lugging big cans of gas around

department buddies[edit | edit source]

sometimes you gotta help out or be helped by other departments. no you're not going to be screwed if they arent' helping but it certainly makes things nice

in overall engineering department:

  • mechanics/electricians: wiring and mechanisms maintenance
  • cargo/quartermaster (if we don't make this logistics): supplies, for building, tools, and equipment
  • mining: raw material supplies, but generally these are routed through cargo/qm anyway

in not-engineering department

  • science: chemists, specifically, can help you with foam to repair stuff. reinforce walls and windows. get and share extra gases.
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