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Maps, also known as dmms, are the various constructed environments on which the game is played. During compilation, a selection of various maps are loaded in a particular order to create a World. Maps are also sometimes referred to as Z-levels due to their representation as distinct integer-valued Z-coordinates in the game's Cartesian coordinate system (X,Y,Z). Most configurations of the game load a station map on Z1, followed by a map containing various adventure zones on Z2, and then a variety of application-specific maps for the higher Z-levels.

Maps may refer to:

Station Maps[edit | edit source]

Generally located on the first Z-level, these maps contain the bulk of Nanotrasen's operations, and the titular Space Station 13. Some maps may require more than one Z-level loaded in unison to form a complete play field, some involve alternative settings such as aquatic or terrestrial planets, and many provide alternate forms to beloved NT13- For the purposes of a round, no matter the form or location, the installation on the first level is your "station". Here's just a few of the maps we use for stations!




Gehenna Colony

Auxiliary Maps[edit | edit source]

These maps contain play areas which are common to many, if not all, station maps. They include public areas such as the Space Diner, the Old Mining Station, wreckage, debris, and lots of natural resources. Some station maps will replace these levels with other setting-appropriate spaces, for example Oshan Laboratory has a deep trench level on Z3 instead of a debris field. Station-specific maps here should be identified as such.

Debris Field (Z3)

The Trench (Z3) - Oshan Laboratory only

Asteroid Field (Z5)

New Debris (Z7) - Secret!

Universal Maps[edit | edit source]

These maps are present on (almost) every configuration. They include globally accessible extra content, such as adventure zones, Centcom, and utility zones such as the shuttle transit areas. These maps should always be loaded except in extremely specific cases. They won't be covered in extreme detail.

Adventure Level (Z2)

Administrative Level (Z4) - Secret!

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