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The Chunk is a small-size space station style map. It employs a decoration and complement that might be described as austere.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Chunk has a shuttle-style arrivals area located in the southeast corner of the station. From here, head north to the bar, or west to the central market. The research sector is nearby, identified by cheap purple highlights. Visit robotics just south of here for some "Cool Leg's".

Escape is located on the northern edge of the map, in line with the central hallway. Engineering is to the west, Medbay to the east.

The engine is a singularity located in the northeast corner. It is initially configured for a 3x3 singularity, however infrastructure exists to expand to up to 7x7 singularity, with some work.

Cargo arrives by shuttle on the west face of the station. QM's front desk shares a space with Engineering.

The Mining Shuttle is located in maintenance, roughly in the center of the station. You'll find it north of the bridge, south of Escape.

Medbay is spacious but arranged for minimal complement. You'll find it next to the chapel, which occupies the northeast corner.

AI is located on a catamaran-like satellite, accessible by direct teleport pad in a closet near the chapel.

The central hallway divides the station into east and west halves. On the east side of the hall is the bridge, on the west side is security.

West of the public market are various civil amenities including a lounge, crew quarters and a dining area.

What's missing??[edit | edit source]

The Chunk is small and cheap. Many optional amenities have been discarded for budgetary reasons. These include but are not limited to:

  • A Mining department. Miners are expected to report to the Old Mining Station for their shifts as scheduled.
  • Server rooms. All server infrastructure is housed within the Research Director's office, and maintenance is their responsibility.
  • Detective's Office. Any security staff assigned to Detective duties are to use the existing security facilities.
  • Armory. The Chunk is not a military installation, and no currency in excess of 100$ is to be stored on premises.
  • Pool & Spa. This is not a luxury resort. Public showers are available in crew quarters.
  • Pod-bay. Crew are to remain at their posts for the duration of their shifts.
  • Arcade. Entertainment will be provided under contract. Please contact your supervisor for scheduled entertainment.

Crew are free to adapt unused rooms to their needs as long as said activities are performed outside of duty hours.

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