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Usage Guide[edit source]

Use this template whenever you mention an interaction involving the Help intent, e.g. "click on person while on Help intent" or "on Help intent, the device does..." This is not meant for something like "help the Engineers rebuild areas" or "Need more help? Check out this guide", where "help" refers to something besides the intent. Unlike, say Template:Location, you do not need to specify any parameters, though it is possible; see below.

Parameter Definitions[edit source]

When using the template, you can, optionally, put a | after "Help" to use a custom piece of text in place of the word Help, e.g. {{Help|Help mode}} to get Help mode.

Examples[edit source]



While on {{Help}} intent, you pass through people.

While on Help intent, you pass through people.

Contents of the Template[edit source]

This part contains the markup used to create the template. Edit this part for if you want to change the template itself rather than the documentation here, e.g. if you want the template to use a different kind of green.


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