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Usage Guide[edit source]

Use this template whenever you mention an interaction involving the Harm intent, e.g. "On Harm, these limbs cause massive bleeding." This template is meant specifically for the intent, so refrain from using it when describing harm in the context of AI Laws or using "harm" in other senses of the term, such as "surgery does not count as human harm" or "this chemical harms your ability to move."

You do not need to specify any parameters, though it is possible; see below.

Parameter Definitions[edit source]

It is possible put a | after "Harm" to use a custom piece of text in place of the word Harm, e.g. {{Harm|Harm mode}} to get Harm mode. This is purely optional.

Examples[edit source]



On {{Harm}} intent, you fire point-blank instead of just hitting them with your gun.

On Harm intent, you fire point-blank instead of just hitting them with your gun.

Contents of the Template[edit source]

This part contains the markup used to create the template. Edit this part for if you want to change the template itself rather than the documentation here, e.g. if Harm is changed to an entirely different color and you need to update this template to match


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