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General Proposals:

guns without either a stock or a double grip are one handed? -bob

based on how parts are specced two-handed will have damage/accuracy bonuses while one handed will be easier to handle and reload -bob

change item class (stowability) by barrel size and stock presence? -bob

Receiver Proposals

A receiver is of a given small size (something like 6px long, 4px high) If receiver has a stock attached, swap to an alternate sprite that's larger toward the left. (something like 10px long, 4px high)? -bob

Since the receiver will have a single fixed dimension, offsets will not need to be programmed per every one of them.

A stock must connect at 4 pixels high to a fixed point on the long receiver. Offset TBD. -bob

A barrel must connect at 4 pixels high to a fixed point on the long or short receiver. Offset TBD. -bob

If we're keeping magazines 100% modular they should visually correspond to the type of receiver you're using, just in faction colors. i.e. a cylinder for italian receivers, a fixed box mag for juicer receivers, some weird back-swept mag for NT, etc. -bob

Each receiver should function identically in terms of use (click to load, click to shoot, etc) but visually have a different action/mechanism for visual interest. -bob

We need to have a standard trigger guard/trigger for every receiver. Fully encased (grip will overlay on top) -bob

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