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Here is a list of equipment that antagonists may use for their nefarious plans. Rest assured that in the case of death the crew will probably loot half this stuff off of your corpse before security can stop them!

Syndicate Evilton Items
Item Name Cost Contents Function Traitors? Spy/Thieves? Revolutionaries? Surplus Crates?
Ammo: FOSS Laser Flashbulbs 1 Box containing 6 bulbs. Spare ammunition for FOSS laser guns. Other guns can't use these.
Ammo: Modular Pistol Rounds 1 Ten bullets (at 22 damage each) Standard, cheap rounds available conveniently.
Ammo: AP Pistol Rounds 2 Ten armor-piercing bullets (at 35 damage each) Aside from piercing armor, these bullets also do more damage to cyborgs than regular rounds.
Ammo: Modular Shotgun Buckshot 2 Ten rounds (at 70 damage each) Powerful, but don't pierce armor.
Ammo: Rad Poison Crossbow Bolts 3 10 bolts (inflict radiation poisoning) Bolts are shot (but not reloaded) silently and can be shot through walls.
Gun: NT Modular Pistol 3 Box containing pistol, 2x10 regular rounds and ? tranquilizer rounds Tranquilizer rounds contain haloperidol. The pistol itself is nothing special however.
Gun: Modular Shotgun 5 Box containing shotgun, 5 buckshot rounds, 10 stun rounds

and 10 rubber slug rounds.

Pew Pew!
Gun: Modular Revolver 5 Box containing revolver, 10 regular rounds, 5 armor piercing rounds,

5 stun rounds.

Revolver holds 3 rounds at a time.
Gun: FOSS Laser 6 Box containing laser gun, 2 longer-lasting 2 bulbs and 2 regular bulbs,

and a loose FOSS loader stock **or** FOSS long barrel.

Powerful rifle, but incompatible with non-bulb ammo types.
Fibre Wire 3 Two-handed weapon that lets you silently strangle people if you grab them from behind.
EMP Grenades 1 5-slot pouch filled with grenades. EMP grenades damage certain equipment and particularly robots.

Pouch can be placed in pocket slot and holds other small items.

Tactical Grenades 2 7-slot pouch filled with 2 incendiary grenades, 1 shock grenade,

1 smoke grenade, 1 fragmentation grenade, 1 flashbang, 1 graviton grenade.

Most grenades are fairly straight-forward, but a couple notable things:

People walking into the smoke from the smoke grenade unprepared will drop things and stun. Graviton grenade pulls even normally bolted things towards it like doors and girders. Pouch can be placed in pocket slot and holds other small items.

Voice Changer 1 To use, install in any face-concealing mask. Speaking while wearing the mask will show you

speaking as whatever name is on the ID you have on, so you can talk without potentially blowing your cover. Also good for gimmicks that involve taking up a silly name. Can be removed from a mask with wire cutters or similar.

Portable Gunsmithing Anvil 1 Works like a regular anvil, but is a small item.
Chameleon Jumpsuit 1 A generic black jumpsuit. Use jumpsuits on this to save their appearance, allowing you to switch later.

Keep away from EMPs

Agent Card 1 A blank ID card with access to maintenance and the syndicate outpost. Can be used in-hand once to set a name/occupation/appearance, allowing you to change your

identity. (face and voice remain unaffected however) The agent card will also copy the access of other IDs you swipe across it, so you can build up your access with a bit of theft.

Electromagnet Card (EMAG) 6 Breaks a lot of electronic equipment, and frees cyborgs from having pesky laws.

Aside from utility there's also a variety of goofy interactions to find.

Freedom Implant 1 An implanter containing the implant. When implanted, one emote is chosen at random to activate it. Use that emote to break

out of handcuffs instantly, then start running from the cops again! The implant may have between 1 and 5 uses.

Sleepy Pen 5 Pen filled with 100u of ketamine. Silently transfers 50u of its contents to whoever you use it on.

The pen is refillable with any chemicals.

Power Stink 4 A large atmospherics canister filled with farts. Farts convert CO2 into plasma, allowing you to sustain hotter fires in an engine's combustion

chamber or wherever else. (this may or may not be a joke item)

Detomatix Cartridge 1 PDA cartridge with 2 programs and a readme. The programs:

MISSILE: Scan for PDAs in the messager before using. import your messager contact list, then select up to 4 people to make their PDAs explode. Explosion deafens the recipient. The AI's internal PDA is immune to this. Most people just use this bit of the cartridge. BOMB: A second after selecting, the PDA you're using this cartridge with will explode.

Trick Cigarettes 1 Pack of 6 explosive cigarettes. Cigarettes explode after lighting. Aside from goofs and gaffs, any explosion will gib a dead body.
DNA Scrambler 1 Single-use syringe that changes someone's physical appearance and voice.
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