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ofifical nerdo zone for publicly disclosed changes and plans that may or may not be finalized. NOT in character and more a very general sense. Goonstation is a general reference point.

Aims, divergences, differences. Reasons! That kinda thing. What to expect when we push out enough coad to make this resemble our own thing rather than Goonstation with G changed to C and n changed to d.

Editor note: please yell at me or whoever added things in discord. we will absolutely talk it out and update it here when it's good to be public. I put things that aren't fully concrete in as italics but they're still neat to consider!!!

heres the run down


There are similarities with Goon, for sure. However, things diverged a long, long time ago. Something has drawn the big broad strokes of existence back together at a similar point, before the deflection continues and grows.

In other words, this is a good excuse for why things generally look and feel the same as Goon, even though a lot of background names, factions, items and mechanics will be changing.

The Channel is closed! Everything takes place on the Frontier, nothing on Earth or our original Sol system. If there is a Solarium, for example, we are not seeing it. The CentComm you expect from Goon is on Earth, so, we have our own new Nanotrasen Temporary Frontier Command (made out of a defunct cargo hub that was originally a prime point for stuff moving into and out of the Channel)

There's a planetside colony out there... Who knows if they have made contact with anyone else?

copyright is a bastards


Captain is the same. Round facilitator, but also basically all access assistant with a cool gun.

Sec is NOT an unstoppable noble paramilitary force. They are corporate mall cops. They are not your friend, they are not protecting you, they are protecting the station and its property. Station property includes you only in a general human resource sense. That means they do not have lots of toys. They will probably try to beat you up and arrest you over stupid things

There is a triangle at play here here: station vs antagonists vs security. generally sec and station will come together to fight antagonists but you're not allies at all. defend yourself, defend your buddies, defend your departments, defend your station!

Engineering and cargo will be separated but still kept as closely interrelated departments.

Head of cargo is quartermaster, there will only be one. You are responsible for the handling of interdepartmental supplies and mail.

Maybe we'll bring back electricians and they're responsible for wiring and switchgear and APCs- where the engineers' interest in power stops at the engine.

Maybe we'll make mechanics more into repairing and building station infrastructure

Scientists will generally be the same. Maybe a few RP sub jobs with same access.

We may have chemists as a dedicated job, but also chemistry will have changes: no more infinite chem dispensing, no hellacious instant murder gatekeepy chems for non-antagonists, etc.

Medical is basically the same but we'll have flavorful RP sub jobs (nurses, receptionists, surgeons, psychologists, etc)

Janitor is same but we're gonna have dynamic dirt and grime hell yeah let's make your life a living hell

Bad Guy's

traitors: what do you do when you keep getting cloned and nobody can get fired and every day is the same? well who knows. maybe you go bad for fun. maybe you got bribed. maybe the syndicate swapped your clone mental program with that of a bad guy. maybe you want revenge. either way, next shift you'll be back to normal

syndicate: here they are not defeated companies coming together, they are a band of aggrieved anticopyright computer nerds that went militant after the channel collapsed. but they're not necessarily altruistic!!!

changeling/vampires/werewolves/wizards: basically the same. though we might give you the option of choosing a subclass, for example hot dog vampires, divorce wizards, cat werewolfs,

wizards may have a different backstory and means of magic than goon??!!!!

Species and Appearance

yes there will be animal head people

no we will probably not have serious downsides or costs or advantages; aesthetic and appearance

if you want advantages or abilities, just get those separately

they are not aliens they are just genepunk shit. you can't copyright a hyena???

there are aliens out there though

they're basically doing their own thing :DDDD

persistent tattoos and scars and whatever are an idea


Scarcity: find and covet shit

You can't just print up a dozen multitools from a pre loaded speed 3 fabricator every 5 steps

Heist the tool crib in cargo: they're being STINGY

We will pry out some of the "do-everything" sensors and tool sets out of the PDA

The PDA will be more of a palm pilot piece of shit. sync it with a computer. remember ur notes.


We want to see if we can stop having radios carry across Z-levels with infinite range with just a fukken headset

Does everyone need a radio?

How will intercoms work?

Centralized radio infrastructure that can be tampered with or shut down

Backpack radios for long distance communication with an intercom in, say, wherever telescience or general expeditions go out and are handled.

Space suit radios for general comms even in the debris/asteroid fields

Z-levels and areas declaring their radio sections, or whatever you call it


RNG luck and weird outcomes

Yes a gun will still work best but sometimes punching someone in the junk while you're covered in space lube and also you peed on the ground and made the space cops slip, eat piss piggies

When moving into a tile occupied by a mob while you're in combat mode you should be able to just do a combat (reduce the clicky/twinstick kinda thing)

IJKL in combat should also try to do an attack in those directions (this IS twinsticky)

Numpad for targeting? This is part of cool mode controls: Just what the heck is byond able to recognize.... we gotta find out how.................

we want to encourage fighting. if someone is shitting up your department and they're not responding to nice requests, kick their asses and toss em out. unarrest your buddy if cops are messing with them because they just broke into the cargo tool crib or whatever.

sparring, basically, prepping for the Big Fights with antagonists

gun's everywhere: but like, don't pull out your gun's or shoot them unless it's important. assault is arrestable by sec, after all, or bystanders can kick your ass too when you're being an ass hole!


why yes we're going to make VR a neat place to be but not necessarily a huge sprawling area

why yes we're bringing back the emag deathmaze

windows 3.1 16-color aesthetic lol castle of the winds baby

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