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guess what: on a space station u have a jobs. the departments and titles determine what you're "supposed" to do. each one has some contribution to the game


Command[edit | edit source]

you make sure everyhting's running smoothly and on track and make decisions like: do we call the shuttle, or budget stuff, or unlock the armory because there's a syndies out there afoot

who cares

captain has a gun and guards the fukken disk

hop hires and fires people, adjusts access and job titles, other clerical information

Security[edit | edit source]

you deal with existential threats and also petty crime and bribery and generally being a pig

you fight antagonists and you also fight crew. a triangle of fights

detective tries to find out whodunnit + looks for clues

Engineering[edit | edit source]

wow! actual responsibilities

as a whole, this department is responsible for the integrity of the station, the breathability of the air in it, safe temperatures, the working of machinery and wires, the generation of power, the repair and replacement of items

we might split it up between engineers, mechanics, electricians, and atmos/environmental BECAUSE that's a lot of work to put on one job (engineer) and that makes it harder to prioritize or act when, say, a bomb goes off somewhere while you're still setting up the engine

Logistics[edit | edit source]

more responsibilities! make sure every department has the tools and resources it needs to do work

for example, producing tools and acquiring consumables and delivering them to departments, as well as receiving stuff from other departments that

this includes buying and selling things with traders

mining is part of logistics and is a great source of revenue and material for the rest of the station. botany/hydroponics is not part of logistics but has a similar relation, and also helps provide the kitchen with stuff, and medical with herbs and such.

Research[edit | edit source]

i dunno, they tend to blow up the station.

but seriously: chemistry makes reagents for the other departments: fertilizers for hydroponics, advanced medicine for medical, compounds for engineering, etc.

toxins is just bombs but honestly if they were tasked with making good engine fuel it might be cool. note: toxins will never not be for making bombs, this is non-negotiable

find out what an alien artifact does and either uses it to benefit or terrorize the station, or sells it for profits

computer nerd shit

Medbay[edit | edit source]

heals and repairs and does surgery on crew

cuts out organs for sale on black market

makes and repairs borgs and other drones

does genetic superpowers and appearance alterations (ferret tf)

Civilian[edit | edit source]

morale: entertainment, food, booze, etc.

chaplain fights draculas and werewolves and zombies

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