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Use this template whenever you mention an interaction involving the Disarm intent, e.g. "When you are on Disarm intent, your attacks cause significant knockback." While it is permissible to use this when describing unarmed attacks while on Disarm intent, which are indeed often called disarms, you can often write it in a way that you don't have to, e.g. "Click on them with an empty hand while on Disarm intent" instead of "Disarm them." You do not use this when talking about the state of having your weapons taken away or other usages of the word, such as in "When your foe is disarmed, go for a punch..." or "You cannot disarm the bomb at this point", where you're not referring to the actual intent.

You do not need to specify any parameters, though it is possible; see below.

Parameter Definitions Edit

Optionally, you can put a | after "Disarm" to use a custom piece of text in place of the word Disarm. For example, {{Disarm|Disarm intent}} creates Disarm intent.

Examples Edit



Click on a tile at least two squares away from on while on {{Disarm}}

Click on a tile at least two squares away from on while on Disarm

Contents of the Template Edit

This part contains the markup used to create the template. Edit this part for if you want to change the template itself rather than the documentation here e.g. if the intent gets renamed.


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